My Biography

I began playing music at the age of 9 when I became infatuated with the trombone. I played the trombone for the next few years until I discovered the banjo. When I first held a banjo in my hands and touched the strings it literally felt as though electricity was jumping off them and into my fingers. I was in love.
      Bob Woodmansee then got me the Don Van Palthe lesson series which I promptly devoured. I finished all four of the books in about 1 year then began studying and copying every banjo solo I could find a recording of.

Current Sections

Live in Concert
This is my current release of live recordings I performed on board various Holland America Line cruise ships.

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Riffs, Fills & lessons
Here you can find out more about my book designed especially for the plectrum banjo. Additionally I an currently beta testing giving video lessons via the Internet...
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Here you can download or watch my promotional materials and video.

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